Wet Applications

1. When using application fluids to detackify graphics while installing:

  • Be sure that all wetting agent is squeegeed from between the substrate and the signage. Excess liquid causes bubbling or tenting when the application tape is stripped away. (See: TIP #6 Application Tape Removal).
  • Allow sufficient drying time before removing the application tape. Removing the tape too soon causes tiny air bubbles to form in the graphic.

2. Application of reverse cut, second surface signage avoid wetting agents if possible:

  • When squeegee work is done after a wet application one may not be able to tell if good pressure has been applied uniformly since all the surfaces will appear glossy and look as if they have contacted the substrate. In fact, the graphics may just be laying on a film of water.
  • Not all application fluids are created equal. Use only wetting solutions produced for the expressed purpose of installing pressure sensitive graphics.

3. Arlon does not recommend using wet application method with Series 2100X or DPF 6000XRP due to difficulty in effectively removing all water from between the adhesive layer and substrate.

Please Note: There are other fluids advertised to increase adhesion to difficult surfaces, Arlon has yet to review these and any found in the market should be tested prior to use.