Installations in Very Cold Weather

    • Optimal temperature range of substrate should be between 15°C and 32°C (60°F and 90°F).

    • Substrate temperature may drop as low as 4°C or rise as high as 48°C (39°F to 118°F) but at the extremes there will be more difficulty due to tack loss.

    • Commercial shipping units such as containers and over the road trailers should be washed at least a day ahead of installation time.

    • To warm trailers prior to cold, on-site installations use portable heaters to heat the inside of the trailer. Fifteen minutes of warm temperatures inside the trailers will help reduce the massive heat sink that has developed both inside the trailer and on the aluminum skin while sitting in a truck staging lot.

    • To expedite heating in a warmed shop, open all trailer doors.

  • Before having a trailer taken into a shop remove accumulated snow from trailer roof. Clearing the snow early on will eliminate the later nuisance of water dripping off the roof edge onto you and your work.