Installation on Banner, Awning and Flexible Fabrics

Vinyl installation on scrim reinforced vinyl is easy if one remembers that these materials are essentially “textured” surfaces and uses appropriate techniques to ensure high adhesive contact and thus high bond.

    • When applying pressure during lamination, you must achieve good contact regardless of whether a wet or dry method of application is used. A rivet brush or soft squeegee is recommended for attaining the best surface conformability. This is especially important with vinyl-impregnated fabrics that have a rough texture.

  • Using heat with a rivet brush or soft squeegee increases conformability of the vinyl on to “textured” surfaces. Heat softens the adhesive, making it more pliable and a bit tackier. Heat also melts the film slightly, removing memory and allowing the vinyl to conform more readily to the new shape. The warmed vinyl exerts less delamination force on the bond so the film stays where you put it.