Pressure Washing Cast Vinyl

Pressure washing is a cleaning method that has been used on trailers for years. Not only does it quickly and effectively clean flat and corrugated walls but it also eliminates the need for brush cleaning, abrasive detergents or extra scaffolding.

DPF 6000XRP, Series 2100 and Series 2100X are easily cleaned using pressure washing but can be damaged just as easily by improperly handling the water spray or incorrectly blending the cleaning solutions.

In order to keep from degrading the vinyl or lifting the edges of the film during pressure washing, it is important to remember the following rules of thumb:

    • Nozzle pressure should never exceed 1,300 PSI.
    • Water temperature should not exceed approximately 140°F (60°C).
    • Nozzle tip should never be closer than five feet from the graphics.
    • Angle of water spray should be no shallower than 60° from perpendicular.
  • The detergent solution should always be blended with water at the correct ratio – a more concentrated solution can damage both the adhesive and the vinyl.
  • A post-washing, fresh-water rinse will help maintain the life of the paint and vinyl.