Fleet Graphics Substrate Preparation

Cleaning the vehicle is the single most important step in any vinyl application. An improperly prepared surface will significantly diminish the adhesion and durability of the wrap. Power washing is the most efficient and effective way to clean large areas and a high volume of vehicles such as box trailers, truck containers, buses and vans.

For heavily contaminated surfaces, it might be necessary to use a more aggressive detergent with the power washer to dislodge embedded contaminants. It is also important to remove any traces of wax or clear coat protectants as these will affect the film’s ultimate adhesion to the substrate.

Rinse the entire vehicle with plain water and make sure that the surface is completely dry prior to application. We highly recommend letting it drip-dry overnight, or for at least 12 hours. Before applying the graphic, wipe the surface with an isopropyl alcohol/water solution containing at least 50% IPA. Do not use glass cleaners to clean the surface.