Fusion Wrap FAQs

What is the difference between Fusion and DPF 4600GLX?
  • Film thickness (Fusion 2.4-mil vs. DPF4600LX 3.2-mil).
  • FLITE technology vs. X-Scape .
  • Fusion is only recommended for vehicle wraps, 4600LX is for multipurpose applications.
  • Fusion is available in gloss only, DPF 4600LX comes in a matte finish.
Why would I use Fusion over DPF 4600GLX besides Flite Technology?
  • Fusion is more conformable where as 4600GLX will requires more relief cuts.
Is Fusion wrap removable without the use of heat and chemicals?
  • It may need heat and chemicals depending on how the wrap is maintained and outdoor exposures.
Can I use Series 3420 on Fusion?
  • Yes, one can use 3420 on Fusion but it with a shortened warranty down 5 years unprinted.
What is the definition of intermediate cast overlaminate film?
  • Series 3170 is classified as an "intermediate cast" due to difference in adhesive. Face stock is 1.3 mil cast.
Can I use Fusion for box truck with rivets?
  • Yes, one can use Fusion for box truck with rivets. In general, calendered film will show more tenting on rivets than cast film.
What exactly is the difference between 3170 and 3210?
  • Different adhesive used on Series 3170.
  • 3170 gives 7 year warranty ONLY on polymeric calendered films.
  • 3170 is NOT recommended on Arlon cast films and does not provide any warranty.
Can 3170 be used with other films like DPF 4600 and DPF8200?
  • Yes, and 3170 gives a 7 year warranty to 4600/8000/8200 (polymeric calendered films) unprinted.
Why can't I use the 3170 on cast vinyl like SLX?
  • Best practice is to recommend a premium cast overlaminate on a premium cast white film.
  • Arlon does not warranty 3170 on cast vinyl.
Can Fusion cut/weed better than SLX or IllumiNITE?
  • Fusion film weeds marginally better than SLX. Eco-solvent printed graphics increases liner release which helps the letters stay on liner during weeding process.
  • Fusion weeds better than IllumiNITE.
  • Data showed that Fusion does not weed well if text or shapes that are smaller than 3 inches (width and or height).