How to install reflective film on rivets?

The rivet brush is the recommended method to install reflective film on rivets.

      Installing IllumiNITE on Rivets - RollePro vs Rivet Brush from ArlonTS on Vimeo.

  1. Remove release liner and drape the whole panel on the surface.
  2. With a medium-hardness squeegee, firmly apply the film by dragging the squeegee over the rivets and flat areas.
  3. To release the air trapped between the rivets and film, use a poking tool to create pinholes over the tented film.
  4. Without heat, reduce the tenting (or halo) with a rivet brush spiraling inward on each rivet.
  5. For a ?painted on? appearance, each rivet has to be applied three times increasing the heat in each pass. For the first pass, apply a ?kiss? of heat on a rivet
  6. Apply firm pressure with a rivet brush in a circular motion. Repeat steps 4 and 5 increasing the amount of heat per rivet in each pass until all rivets are applied.