Nestle Water Trial using SLX for their water delivery trucks

Mike Parker is the reconditioning Manager for Mickey Body. He felt that SLX adhesive build is not fast enough for his application on 15th of August, 2017

This and the next video are taken from the first panel that was applied according to The manufacturer of the Arlon Vinyl. I'm told the glue is a mesh pattern that is suppose to be heated and will become a permanent bond within 2-3 hours. But also was told that the mesh is so that you the customer can take the vinyl off easier to change them out. That's your call. I'm just saying it takes significantly more labor to apply them much less to heat them and then like the next video email will show they appear to come off very easily after 3 hours beyond the heat application. Easier than I would expect given the environmental conditions it will see in 5 years of service and washing.

Just trying to show you what we are seeing and our experience with installing this second kit of vinyl on a freshly painted and clean surface. If the first one is not having any problems in past 3 weeks of service, then it should be fine. Then it simply takes longer to install.
We will continue forward as instructed. Neither of us made the vinyl. But in 27 years, I've never seen anything like it. One thing is for sure, I continue to learn something new everyday. Just trying to help and be factual with the reporting. And with respect for Arlon's new product.