Nordic Illuminite removal

See attached report for removal summary.

 Illuminite removal result from Ander?s wife?s car shared on 10/21/19. Actual removal was done before August 2019
As agreed here come my thoughts in removing IllumiNITE from my car....and some pictures....
First of all there is a huge difference between SLX and IllumiNITE when it comes to removal. With SLX. you basically rip it off and don?t have to think on it too much. With IllumiNITE, I had to use heat and it sticks way harder to the surface so more force needed compared with SLX.
As you see on the pictures, it is not that crazy amount of adhesive left if you look on the total surface of the car. But the adhesive stuck super hard to the paint and it had become rigid and not like the soft adhesive I am used to where you can rubb the adhesive with your finger.
Here, I had to use two days and strong silicone remover and use excessive amount of force with different types of tools to remove the adhesive. It was a nightmare and painful experience I would say... I still have small dots of adhesive left that I need to remove as I will hand in the car in about a week.
As I have experienced this myself I also have learned how to handle this with some of the customers but a lot of them got scared and dont dare to use IllumiNITE again.
The main issue is that as we use FLITE Technology on IllumiNITE and the end users think of SLX which is an amazing product. They believe they are exactly the same and when IllumiNITE fails, they think SLX will do the same. From a business point of view this is not great. We would need to highlight the differences so it is clear from the beginning or if we could improve IllumiNITE to get it on the same standard as SLX.
The second thing is when it comes to IllumiNITE is the certification. As I use my incredible charm to sell IllumiNITE to convince them to use it I can handle it. If we had a certification that would state that you are allowed to use on vehicles it would be way easier as they would feel more confident to sell it to their customers. The Nordic loves reflective due to the long and dark days 😊
My wishlist to improve IllumiNITE would be certification, clean removal like SLX and if adhesive stays it should be soft and easy to remove it.
Otherwise I love the product but will go for SLX on my next car due to the pain of removing it....
That was the short story...